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Don't know what level you are? It's ok! We will personalise the classes for you and tailor them to your needs!

Why languages wih BLA

Why learn languages with BLA?

Many children grow up hating language classes at school – taking the first opportunity to drop out and missing out on different cultures and an entire means of self-expression!

Adult learners likewise recall their negative experiences of learning sitting through hours French grammar drills and are put off ever revisiting the language.


It shouldn't be this way! With the right encouragement and expertise, language learning can be a highly enjoyable experience!​

BLA lessons combine the tried and trusted pedagogical methods with human language acquisition research to ensure that learners...:

  1. develop their language-skills seamlessly

  2. have a strong understanding of how their target language works

  3. feel an immense sense of achievement every step of the way

​ So whether you're interested in learning a language for...:


  • Your perfect holiday

  • Kids' classes

  • Business trips

  • GCSE/A-level boosters

  • Academic purposes


... BLA is here to teach you your target language with a course tailored to your personal requirements–whatever your level!